Some Thoughts I thought on 09.26.98:
I saw Your Friends and Neighbors the other day. It was a really good movie, I think. It wasn't always pleasant, but it wasn't dealing with exactly pleasant situations. It primarilly focused on the sex lives of its 6 main characters and how they overlapped and whatnot. A lot of movies that deal with stuff like that try to make us laugh about it. It's not terribly funny, really. It does make for some rather funny moments, though. Your Friends and Neighbors definitely didn't take that angle. It was blunt and got right into the guts of the situation.

Not one of the characters was exactly a protagonist. They all had their problems and their own little faults to add into the mixture. It's like that in the real world, too. One guy seems to be sort of just a nice guy looking for love through a lot of it, but ends up being just as driven by sex as the straight-up fucker who's obsessed with it. Another guy really is just a nice guy, but for some reason his wife just doesn't do it for him. He's a bit on the old-fashioned (and perhaps cowardly) side it turns out and ends a pretty good relationship at the first sign of trouble.

I think Your Friends and Neighbors makes for great discussion and it's probably good if you and all of your friends see it, separately is ok. You'll find yourselves thinking back to it and referring to it for months and maybe even years to come. Yeah. (this advertisement was in no way paid for by anybody... damn it.)

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