Some Thoughts I thought on 10.14.98:
It makes me sick how companies like Proctor & Gamble have managed to dominate the cleaning supplies market. They make a lot of brands of laundry detergent, and a lot of brands of dish soap, and a lot of brands of everything else like that. They make my Charmin toilet paper and my Noxzema facial wash. They are demons! It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't do dumb fucker things like test on animals. Maybe they don't even do that anymore, but the fact that they definitely did at one time makes me not ever want to buy their dumb stuff again. What's so messed up is that it gives us mindless Americans this illusion that we have some sort of control over our life. "Honey! Look at all this variety of laundry detergent!" Get over it, you dumb shit. It all does the same thing and it all works about the same. It even all costs almost exactly the same. On top of that, almost all of the money is going into the same rich assholes' pockets. I guess you can just buy Arm&Hammer everything and just make them rich instead.

There's something that's weird on top of that, too. If you ever go into a natural foods market or even someplace fruity like Trader Joe's, you'll find all kinds of brands of every product on Earth that you had never heard of before. There are hundreds and thousands of small companies out there making better products that are good for you and good for the planet and that are even sometimes cheaper, too. You might be wondering why our glorious white supermarkets don't carry these cheaper and better products. And I'll tell you why. Basically, because your friends and neighbors are too frickin' conservative and locked in their own ideas about the world to even consider buying one of those "fruitcake" products. Because of that, they don't sell in those big stores. And the rest of the world goes on and on making Proctor & Gamble even fatter rich assholes and the government goes on ripping us all off and wasting our social security money and the president goes on lying to us and making an ass out of himself in front of his daughter in a time when she most needs him.

So... I wonder how this turned into a tyrade... I dunno. My whole life is one long tyrade. I can complain about anything. That's why people like me, I think. Anyway, support your local industry and buy natural foods. You'll live longer and you'll make more friends. Also, your poop will smell better.

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