Some Thoughts I thought on 01.11.99:
I had an attack of the thoughts.
You can't let something like that slip away. I had to try to get something down. That's just the way I operate. I'm not about consistency. I have my moments of inspiration, and that's about it. I'm not really much to hang out with. You wouldn't like me nearly as much in person as all the news reports would have you believe. I'm just a normal, quite boring actually, guy. I don't have a single thought going through my head that's really any different at all from one that you might have had earlier today. I worry about what's going to happen to that poor boy, Bill Gates, and that other poor boy, William Jefferson Clinton. They certainly have gotten themselves into some unfortunate situations, haven't they?

And what could they have done? Do you think either one would be willing to trade spots? Do you think Bill Clinton might like to trade places and be perhaps one of the top 10 hated men in the world? Would all that money and power be worth it? Or is the power he currently has enough? Or... do you think maybe Bill Gates might like to trade places with Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton actually gets a lot of respect from a lot of people in the world. A lot. Bill Gates gets a little bit. Most people would agree that he's quite the businessman, but most people would also agree that he's a fucker and a half whose lost touch with his product. He's lost touch with what's really made him rich... the people. It's all about the people using the product. All those businesses you're fucking over were customers, too. Or they were, anyway.

Well, what do you think? Would they trade spots?

Well. That come out of somewhere. I don't know where. I'm hoping that I can figure it out well enough to maybe bottle it up and sell it to people. Maybe I can call it 'Liquid Inspiration.' I hope that's not already taken.

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