Some Thoughts I thought on 10.20.99:

So, I've been thinking about technology. I generally feel a bit of a distance from it. It's interesting... but it can only really hold my attention for so long. One thing about it is how it changes faster the harder you look at it. It's not really changing faster, but you notice more aspects of it changing when you pay more attention. It's a collection of lots and lots of little bitty changes happening all the time. All these different people from all over put their ideas and thoughts into some project or another, and for the most part they do things like everyone else, because no one can really be too original and still be interesting to the masses, and being interesting to the masses is really what any successful business wants to do, I guess. So while all of those different people are putting their thoughts and ideas into these mass-market monolithic electronic products, every once in awhile a really good idea just sort of happens. I wonder if the quite bright young person who comes up with the quite bright young idea even realizes how quite young and bright the whole thing really is. It's pretty hard to notice the magnitude of a situation when you are right in the middle of it... unless it's bad. It's pretty easy to notice that a situation is really bad, but we're just not as good at noticing bad. It might be our collective spiritual persuasion, though. We're all spiritual pessimists... we're always talking about what bad things might happen if we don't do this or that... Why don't we talk about what good things might happen if we do do this or that? Why is there only one good possible outcome? There are thousands and thousands of outcomes where we all end up in eternal torment and anguish... Everyone likes a choice once in awhile, right?

Ok. So is technology about choice, then? Communications technologies are about keeping people in closer together so we can be more efficient and more productive, thereby creating more free time for ourselves so we can do what? Watch commercials and contemplate how we can make our lives even better by spending the extra money we have amassed by having been blessed with a technical mind. We are the machines of this age. We provide the sheer power and energy that is keeping this economy going... we are the mice in the big wheel.

And I am spinning. I know I am. I don't go anywhere, but things around me are moving faster and faster. What am I to do? If I stop, I'll go flying and who knows where I'll land? Who knows? Who needs to know, though? Who needs anything really, though... hahhahha. Yeah, right, I guess so. Hi ho.

Another poem:

death to all insane people
and I guess maybe throw in the sane people, too.
That's everyone I guess,
except maybe you.

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